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Croatia. Croatia tourism.

Croatia is a country of miraculous combination of a sea, mountains and elegant little houses under the roofs paved by a red tile. Croatia is the motherland of young vineyards and oyster farms, modern five-star hotels and ancient castles. Croatia is a shiny summer sun and the pure turquoise sea. But first of all, Croatia is hospitable, open-minded and friendly people who always are ready to help you with any questions which you have.

Croatia. Dubrovnik.

Not so long time ago the territory of Croatia was on fire of a war. It was a sharp battle for independence from Yugoslavia. This war was ended only in 1995 when peacemakers of the United Nations have actively interfered with operations between Croatia and Yugoslavia. Today only watchful observer will able to tell here there was a war. Another who not in a course, that here occurred, never will tell, that these people could kill someone.

Cleanliness and neatness is one of characteristic signs of Croatia. Having travel through of all country, you never will find dust on roadsides or the lop-sided trees. Rocks which are dangerous by a rockfall are wrapped carefully up by the special grid capable to prevent accident; and not only on popular routes but for all roads. And near small houses which present 90 % of a private sector it possible to see elegant and well-groomed lawns. It is really beautiful picture.

Croatia. Road.

All of these specify the domesticity and neatness of the people which here lives. At Croatia people do not know how it to behave unworthy. They will never throw out stubs from a window of the car and to pollute the house in which they live. The good nature and calmness you will find everywhere in Croatia. Certainly some sharp moments are possible to meet even here. We are all humans undoubtedly. They told us how Croatian men solve majority of conflicts.

They stop opposite and start to argue hot. To words and word-formations which they thus apply, the military builder will envy even. The exchange of fair and foul can proceed about for an hour, and the public will not be bored. Then one of debaters says that he has got tired and in general it is a time to go home. The second agrees, men shake hands and disperse. You must agree it would be very well if all conflicts will be solved by such method. No battle, no blood, no disaster.

Croatia. Coast.

All coastal Croatia is always ready to open doors for tourists. And it is not so important what kind of language you use, what your skin color is and what your religion is. There would be a desire, and it is possible to understand each other. The Sign language, fortunately, in the majority of the countries is identical. Nevertheless, it is necessary to notice, that would be mistake to trust sources which inform that the language barrier for tourists who don’t speak English or Italian is absent in Croatia.

By the way Croatian language is pretty differs from English. But actually it is not a problem at all. In seaside settlements everywhere people understand and speak English, even elderly Croats will able to converse on English. Therefore if you have at least elementary English, it will be quite enough and the phrase book in this case is not required.

Croatia. Private sector.

It is reasonable to suppose that you will arrive to Croatia not without ideas but with purpose to have a rest. And in this case it will be reasonable to pose a question: Where to have a rest in Croatia? Most likely we cannot give the unambiguous answer. Many men, many minds they say. But for the information we will state our point of view. We consider that to Croatia there is no sense to go for the purpose of simple beach rest. Definitely, you will quickly bore to sit on one place.

Yes, it is silent and quiet region where tourists who got tired of megacities noise will find long-awaited silence and the measured beat of the waves. But besides you will find a lot of other possibilities in Croatia. We recommend to you very much to visit at least some islands. Of course you will not able to visit every. There are in Croatia about 1185 islands. Choose the most interesting. For example, island Mlet (Mljet on Croation). More in detail about island Mlet we will write some later.

Croatia. Old manor.
Sea excursion in Croatia.
Croatia. Mljet island.

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How to have a rest in Croatia.

It is necessary to notice that rest in Croatia unfortunately will not be the cheapest variant for you. Croatia is a favorite place for tourists from all Europe. Social standard of living is very high here. Therefore if touristic tour from customary operators is too expensive for you but nevertheless it is very desirable to visit Croatia, go to the trip with reasonable calculation. An optimum variant would be to find a landlord in a private sector, to be written off with him in advance, and to stop in apartments or the house. The prices for apartments will be a little bit more expensive than for example in the neighboring Montenegro, but much more low than hotels.

Croatia. Oyster park.

If pass up from hotels services where all inclusive you will ask at once how to eat in Croatia? And you will be right again. Kissing Don’t Last; Cookery Do! Let's have a little discussion what we can eat in Croatia. It will be reasonable to get or order the same that local residents prefer. First of all, it is necessary to understand that Croatia is the sea country with very small covering of a fertile soil. Therefore to look for pork or beef here would be silly.

Pay your attention to sea products. Even if you will make a decision to cook independently you can use a products from bazaar. We can assure you never will be deceived there. Croatians sell there only the freshest and qualitative. All products which you will buy probably yesterday still were at the sea. Croats very much watch cleanliness of the sea. Any industrial enterprise does not dump in it disintegration products. The sea in turn returns to grateful people such care in the form of seafood. And we must admit it is incredibly tasty!

Croatia. Fishing village.

Croats use gifts of the sea with great pleasure and serve round the visitors as well. Therefore if you don’t want to cook just ask natives: what kind of restaurants they use? They will help you without any questions. Do not rely on good luck. If you come into a restaurant focused on tourists, to save money will not be possible. Go there where Croats like to be, order sea dishes, and you too will understand why Croats so reverently keep their sea.

Croats with the big responsibility and even with love cook all dishes. A foodstuff in Croatia names hrana (it means keep carefully). And if you will want to feed, Croats will tell, that they will preserve you (hraniti). Also in Croatia bake incredibly tasty bread. Dip it in an olive oil and have just a taste of. It is difficult to find words which let you know how much fascinates the real Croatian bread.

Croatian currency.

Croatia. Exchange.

Croatian currency unit is a kuna. Pay your attention that it will be difficult to exchange non hard currency. Therefore before a trip get more convertible currency (Euro or USD). If you travel with a credit card remember that on islands you can find some problems with money withdrawal. Cash machines on islands it is hard accessible points which are not so well served by banks.
The kuna course in relation to other currencies is better for checking here.

To exchange your currency on kuna is possible in banks, hotels or exchange offices. But keep in mind that in Croatia there are not so many exchange offices. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter. Any shop or autorefuelling will accept at you euro or dollars and will hand odd money by local kunas. The main thing does not save them too much. Otherwise you will bring with it back to home. The most bad course offers are in hotels. The most favourable exchange in Croatia is in exchange offices, in the markets and shops.

Croatian beaches.

Croatia. Beach.

Here we will disappoint you. The beach and southern Croatia are two incompatible concepts. In this part of Croatia it is too little sandy beaches. The majorities of descents in water are equipped by moorings or wooden platform (as in pool). To lie down on sand here you will not able. Moreover in the majority of places near input in water the big depth (to 1,5-2 meters) await you. Therefore, if you plan a rest with your child, be careful with a place choice.

Certainly, all good things come to he who waits. And at more detailed inspection you can find in Croatia a beach with sand. But unfortunately its sizes most likely will be insignificant and quality of sand will be not so good. Therefore better at once be adjusted on rent of a chaise lounge and not torture yourself by severe stones. Of course if you are not yoga. And concerning sand, don’t get an upset. You arrived here not only for sand, did you?

Croatian wine!

In spite of the recent war burn out the most Croatian vineyards, wine-growers were not despaired.

Croatian wine

There are two classes of wine-growers in Croatia. The first of them stores the wines in ancient wooden barrel. And a strong smack of a tree you can sense at tasting very well.

Croatian wine. Oak barrel.

The second wine-growers in Croatia have gone by more modern way. Their wine ripens in metal minifactories.

Croatian wine. Modern minifactory.

Unfortunately Croatian wine-growers today don’t have a wine which really can be comparable with known world manufacturers. Probably, grapes are too young yet.

Diving in Croatia

It is impossible to tell, that diving in Croatia is one of outstanding and very popular kind of entertainments.

Diving in Croatia. Octopus.

Nevertheless, at Croatia is possible to find the dive-centre in every resort place and to make a dive with the dive-master or simply to lease equipment.

Diving in Croatia. Starfish.

The personnel of Croatian dive-centers are very friendly. Beginners will be trained carefully; to skilled certificated divers they will help to explore features of local dive-sites.

Diving in Croatia. Guys from dive-center "Blue Planet"

It is remarkable, that for Croats even one person is a group. They will float with you and do not take an additional payment for the individual guided tour.

Živila Hrvatska!


We thank Croats for their country and hospitality.

Hvala vam, prijatelji!

At final once again we will notice that Croatia is an excellent, silent and pleasant place for family rest. Mountains and the sun, castles and the sea, bread and an olive oil are present Croatian sights. Sure we didn’t tell you about all and you will find in Croatia much more. Therefore make a choice and go to explore of Croatia. Don’t doubt you will find there a lot of pleasure!